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    Next Course - Forecasting for Success on February 10th, 2024 - $99 Only!

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    Forecasting for Success - February 10th, 2024

    Are you tired of being asked when you will ship that new feature or launch that new product only to have the date go by and you and your team still need more time? With Forecasting for Success, I'll show you a way of predicting and measuring your past actions to give a better estimate and forecast for your product delivery.


    In Product Management, we aren't eliminating the risk, but we do look for ways to mitigate and manage the risk. One of the ways to do that is to use data when we can. In this course, I'll go over ways for you to get a solid estimate for how long you and your team will need to deliver.


    In just a few hours, you'll have more confidence in your dates and give your team the necessary space to do their best work and deliver the way that you'd all like.


    [Link to Maven Coming Soon!]

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    How To Launch a Kid - A Product Manager's Guide to Parenting

    Why leave all your PM tools at work when they can help in so many aspects of your life (like parenting).


    Raising kids is not easy. There is no manual. Over the years of raising my 4 children, my spouse and I have made plenty of mistakes and learned some great lessons. We are working to raise our kids to be happy, healthy, and capable, and our desire is for them to also be amazing adults!


    Every family is unique and there is no exhaustive list of solutions to the problems and struggles a family may experience. What this course covers is a framework for approaching parenting with a desire to learn and discover what works for you and your child.


    Launch Date TBD