VP of Product and Engineering.

    I help companies build high-performing product and engineering teams.

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    20-Year Product Veteran - Multiple Startups and Enterprise Companies

    From coding to coaching, my journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences. With a foundation in computer science, I initially delved into the tech world, developing software for environmental monitoring and Medicaid fraud detection. But soon, the allure of entrepreneurship beckoned, leading me through a dynamic decade spanning five distinct careers.


    My path has been anything but linear: from software engineering to owning a mortgage and finance business; from crafting websites and hosting services to mastering digital marketing and advertising. But that's not all - I've also shaped young minds as a middle school teacher and inspired youth as a pastor.


    After this whirlwind of experiences, I pivoted back to the corporate realm, making my mark in Consumer Packaged Goods, Ratings and Reviews, and eventually HR Tech with Indeed.


    My role evolved as I did, becoming an early-stage through growth product leader with a keen eye for discovery and product-led growth.

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